Jun. 19th, 2011

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 Trying to deal with worksheets, schedules, various organizational systems and tips is a constant struggle. Some of them work but only to some extent or for a time. Nothing works permanently. I'd say "to hell with systems, they just do not work for me!" and be done, but problem is THEY DO WORK. While I follow some system and try to behave like adult responsible organized person, results actually are amazing. And I feel good and accomplished and... relax. After relaxing return to organized being is incredibly hard and requires a lot of tricks, persuasion and kicks in the head. 
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 I'm drowning in research. I have most of the main characters fleshed out, fully outlined first act, fuzzy second and pretty developed setting. First couple of chapters are bouncing up and down in my head causing restlessness and occasional headache. But I still need to fully outline second and third act - or I'll dump NaNoWriMo again, I know, - minor chars, factions, history, political system, other background things that make story believable. Looks like I'd not be able to sit and actually write until November. Will it be funny if I find myself with great story and without any writing skill?


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