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Welcome whoever you are. Little announcement about how this place is run:

1. Introduction: Maybe you already noticed that English isn't my first language hence a lot of mistakes and sometimes completely random word order. Why blog in foreign language then? I didn't have an opportunity to use this skill (cost me a fair share of pain at the university times) last couple of years and recently found out that I metaphorically transformed into a dog - I understood everything and could say or write nothing. So this blog is one of the efforts to change incredibly sad *weeps* situation. Or possibly I just have nothing to do and want to make life harder for myself. Either way, deal with it, I'm going to torture english here for very long time.

*masochism on* Feel free to correct any mistakes or wrong words and expressions choice any time. */masochism off*

2. Content: Random ramblings about everyday life; amateur drawings and a bit more professional 3D-works. Warning: I also former Planescape and D'n'D geek and sometimes have acute attack of fantasy-shaped craziness. Uh, sorry, it is really stronger than me. *shrugs*

3. Policy: Whatever. Do not insult anyone and I cannot care less about everything else. If you like something please comment - it help me smash little green demons of insecurity. If you want to ask or discuss something feel free to do it - I need language practice and ♥ talking.


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